Love the true Soul

Her love for him was quite fair…

His love was not less than a Nightmare…

Wana fall in love again?

Sorry for heart can’t do that dare again…

She must love deeply but with care…

Must not give her heart in Air…

Love is Divine for you but others donot Care…

So always think twice because, now a days nothing is fair…

-by Vikas Chander


Girls are the creature of this world

I love you alot because I love your beautiful soul.

I am gentleman so I wana kiss your forehead.

You are girl it does not mean I hav right to touch you in bad manner.

You are girl a beautiful soul on this earth who has nourished this whole world.

To be girl on this earth is not an easy they hav some body problems but still we see smile on their face but still some stupid treat them just as sex toy and play with their feelings.

Love the girl through her soul then try to figure out what she is doing in actual beyond the concept of having only sex nd of considering them as baby producing machine

I did not ever loose hope

I started my journey by seeing a dream from my childhood. Was very innocent and genuine by heart who was not aware of rudeness of this wide world nd cunning Ness of people. But was confident to achieve my dream

Had courage had confidence so started doing hardwork was not so rich from family and dream was very big somewhere need money to make urself skilled person for ur dream but I compromised with smile because I was confident to achieve my dream.

It was not really very easy for a poor boy to achieve his aim, started facing failures not only one failure came across as hurdle still i am not able to count them even didn’t have courage to give up on those failures because I was confident to achieve my dream.

Nobody cares for you nobody stand by you while you struggle in life only my loving mother and sweet father was always giving me hug after all my failures at the last stage.. Their smile was my courage to strike for the dream again because I was confident to achieve my dream.

I was genuine I was innocent but was not able to get success so used to get upset when I saw in many cases people those were cunning exploiting sweet girls were getting selected i used to talk to God why only me? Then recollecting my courage again because I was confident to achieve my my dream.

It really gives you heart attack when others get easily what they dreamt it break your heart down when you hear about other success but i always motivated myself by own because I was confident to achieve my dream.

So at last will say iam really confident to achieve my aim because I believe in me have blessings of my parents and dream of having two stars ✨ on my shoulders will be a accomplished soon. And will make my parents proud of me Because I was confident to achieve my dream

So people never give up on ur failures if hav dream in ur life some peopl get it soon some takes time its all decided by loving God. But the fire to achieve your aim should not be off be confident as iam still in my life 😀😀😀

Need your support and love so I can write some more beautiful content for you people

Be a Gentleman

We r proud to be a man and boy. But why not a gentleman.

We need wife. We need children. Need sex with woman but get upset for a daughter because we r not a gentleman.

We feel good being in this beautiful world and love to blink our eyes for this attractive nature it’s all possible because of our mother who is also a woman but sorry we r not a gentleman

We molest a girl we touch her without her permision. Force ourselves on her when she is not accepting us. We all r doing this because we r not a gentleman

Real man pure by heart genuine by nature. Respect the girl understand her as she too has life nd soul inside her. Because he is proud to b gentleman.

He treat her as respected lady not as sex object. Want to spend his whole life with her to be her loyal husband not just for sex. Because he is proud to be gentleman

He is proud to be gentleman because he never stare at women as animal he always care for Her. Wana take her home when she is alone at dark inspite of being monster of dark that’s why he is proud to be Gentleman.

Ayegi bo.. Meri chahat bankar

Khamosh hain Yeh andheri Raat thandi hawa main lipti huyi. Sochta hun use bhi apne dil ki tez dharkan ki kap-kapi suna du jo gunj rahi hain uski bin mojudgi main. Per bo chand hain mera jise bilkul bhi khabar nahi meri aur per fir bhi awaz ko sunti hain meri apne aashiyane se lipti huyi

Tod du sare rishte us se dil gawahi deta hain jise nahi meri zara si bhi kadar uski kyun tu parwah karta hain. Uska na sahi per mera dil uske liye rota hain. Tod du ager us se apne dil se jude is dhage ko to mera khuda to nhi per mera Yeh tuta dil rota hain

Ayegi bo laut kar hain taqat itni meri dillagi main.. Hazaar baar usko Samjha hain uske behte huye aksho ko apne hath se pocha hain. Marne yun bo mujhe akele nahi degi rakha hain Yeh armaan dil main sazakar

Mushkilo se kabhi haar nahi hoti

Mushkil hain raasta ab lagne laga hain.. Sath apno ka bhi ab shutne laga hain… Dil bhi dekho ab mujhe hi kosne laga hain…

Armaan tha is puri duniya ko apna banane ka. Per is duniya ki matlabi chaal ko dekhkar dil mera ab darne laga hain tabhi to yeh . Mera dil mujhe hi kosne laga hain.

Aksh bahte hain rukne ka Naam nahi lete. Kuch puchta hun inse to kehte kasoor mera hi hain. Socha Na tha dil saaf rakhna gunah hoga. Per kya karu. Dil Mera mujhe hi kosne laga hain

Manzil ho kitni bhi unchi aasmaan ho kitna bhi neela. Hoslo ki udaan kabhi khaali nahi jaati dil mujhe mera kitna bhi kose per itna pata mujhe kal to mera hi hain.